Why I went to College. 

I’ve never wanted to go to college. Seriously.

Back in 1998, I was 18. I had no concept of how important an education was. I had it worked into my head that I was going to continue playing in my band (which broke up shortly after high school), I’d still work at the grocery store I was working at, and that things would somehow still be o.k.

Shows you how far my head was up my ass back then.

In the space of three months, my life took three different turns:

  1. My mother told me I could live in her house after high school, rent free, if I went to college.
  2. My girlfriend at the time gave me the ultimatum of ‘go to college or we’re through’ (we broke up before we graduated high school, in case you were wondering).
  3. As a graduation requirement, my high school required it’s students to fill out at least 1 college application.

So I took the plunge.

I filled out the application for my local community college and I got a good taste of what a ‘higher education’ could have given me.

By the time I had reached the end of that journey, the taste was effectively fucked out of my mouth.

It wasn’t like high school anymore. I couldn’t sleep my way through a class, do the bare minimum of work and still manage to pass somehow. This was my own time and money at stake.

I made the best of it and I still graduated. That was in 2004.

Hindsight has shown me that it’s not about the amount of time and money spent. It’s about the knowledge retained. While I may not have retained a lot from most of the classes I had taken then, I learned something about myself.

I think my biggest problem with going to a traditional school was the fact that your education/grade was contingent on someone else’s existence. That someone else being your professor.

You either got a professor who was self centered and who didn’t really care if their class was engaging or not (just as long as you were jumping through the hoops that they had set out for you). Or you got a professor who had a passion for what they were teaching and they wanted to pass that passion onto more impressionable minds.

It makes you wonder why, as a society that is constantly changing, we haven’t made substantial changes to this yet. Perhaps if there were more educational options, more than just going to school online and homeschooling (and if it was free), our children, our society might be better off.

When I enrolled at Kaplan there was no ‘A Ha!’ moment. It was something that I felt I needed to do. This emphasis, this inflation of education (the idea that the higher your educational degree, the better off you will be) was ingrained in me by society.

That was the fall of 2010.

I had taken online courses before and I had enjoyed the experience. So I had no trepidations about what Kaplan had to offer.

I was pleasantly surprised! It was everything I had expected and more.

Most colleges that offer on line classes completely eschew any sort of ‘classroom’ involvement. Kaplan provides you with live ‘class seminars’.

They also had realistic professors who were more concerned about the retention and application of content as opposed to the number of hoops the students had jumped through. The only thing that I had regretted was not doing this sooner.

In 2012, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Communications. 

If you haven’t enrolled in Kaplan (or any other school, for that matter) and you want to get the education that you need, then enroll. Be warned! Like all colleges, like all classes, you need to put in the effort. If you are not putting in the effort, then why are you wasting everybody’s time?

There’s always going to be someone else who would be more than happy to take your place.

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