How To Clean The Damn Bedroom.

In which, I continue my video series for establishing a baseline of cleanliness in my home. 

Today’s video features the bedroom my wife and I share. For the record, should you feel the need to question the standard of living in which my family and I enjoy (e.g. the cleanliness of our home) I cordially invite you to go fuck yourself. Judging other people isn’t nice. It’s ok to have a messy home as long as it doesn’t look like you’re auditioning for Hoarders.

A quick note about the cockroach. His name was Joe, Joe the Cockroach. He was a single father of a multitude. And I murdered him by spraying my home with indoor bug killer. At the time this video was made, he had been dead for sometime. He was dead well before my wife put the glass over him. She probably didn’t know that. I wasn’t about to tell her either. Yes, I am a 12 year-old.

Sometimes in relationships stalemates are reached. When we first moved into our current home I noticed and informed my wife about the bug problem. My initial course of action was going to be to inform the rental company so that they can get off their asses and fix the problem. My wife insisted that we handle the problem ourselves because she took issue with the possibility of getting certain insecticides over our belongings.

It was a battle I wasn’t willing to fight so we handled the problem ourselves. To date, it has been a fruitless battle.  When you have your nightcap tonight, be sure to pour out a little bit for JC.